we offer Land Acquisition service from start to end

Land Acquisition Service

Every aspect pertaining to land namely, the environment, surroundings, state policies, geography, location, future plans, etc. have to be considered before designing the appropriate use for it and accessing its true potential. A wide network across facilitators, brokers and farmers allows Magus to provide impeccable on-ground services. It has also helped us achieve a solid track record in acquiring the most difficult classes of land. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in getting a 100% marketable land title in every clients' name despite India's complicated land laws.

This is one of the Major Issues in Solar & Wind Project Development, its long-driven process & time consuming. Significant automation is required for faster land conversion. Private land use Poorly defined property rights or indigenous people's rights. Land registration program may be needed to determine property rights in the area of the site, Appropriate monetary compensation for land is also very important term. Resistance to project by local population Lack of information or participation in which Central Govt. may propose guidelines to states and share best practices through which this can be avoided. Landowners within wind farm perimeter receive compensation for land & access to roads.