we offer green technologies

Open Access Power

Open Access Power covers major issues involving generation, distribution, transmission and trading in power. It lowers the rates of electricity distribution and supports renewable energy generation.


  1. Discounts over existing tariff of distribution companies
  2. Monetary savings
  3. No capital investment in the power project
  4. Supports renewable energy generation
  5. Carbon neutral power sourcing
  6. Renewable energy Obligation (RPO) compliance as directed by the state
  7. Single vendor and minimal hassles
  8. Effective compliance of CSR/sustainability targets

Our Services

  1. Identification of Wind, Solar, Hydel or other power generators who can supply power at discounted rates
  2. Advise on WHEN to buy WHICH power at WHAT price
  3. Execution and negotiation on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the generator
  4. Open access approvals and support in regulatory compliance
  5. Support in injected power adjustment in electricity bills and settlement as per contract
  6. End-to-end Open access related support