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We have GWRE site survey platform which provide customer reliable & accurate site details as we have already expertise with the solar design so we are well versed with site survey inputs. So, this site survey provide by GWRE is better over others due to expertise and knowledge, we are holding in designing. One of the key areas that Solar buyers and vendors take for granted is the Site survey. This is an important process during Solar Installation. It provides crucial information when designing the Solar plant.

3 important factors considered during a Site Survey are:

  • Feasibility - Is the Solar system implementation feasible?
  • Viability - Does the Solar installation provide financial benefits in the long run?
  • User requirements - Are user requirements properly understood?

A site survey helps understand the above 3 aspects in detail.

Analyzing these 3 factors helps in the proper design and implementation of the Solar PV system.

Things carried out during a Site survey are:

  • Roof Orientation and Shading Analysis- Helpful in identifying the suitable location for Solar Panel installation.
  • Roofing Details - Study the roofing details to install the right solar PV system.
  • Load Analysis - Helpful to understand the energy needs of the building.
  • Solar PV System usability check - To assess the accessibility of the solar panels by the user.
  • Financial Analysis - To understand the financial viability of the project.